Among all the varieties of cheese, the cheese type “Alashkert” is worth of special attention.

The type of Cheese “Alashkert” has been processed and put into production in “Dustr Melania” LLC, Cheese Factory in October of 2005.

In 2008 “Alashkert” was registered by the agency of intellectual property as a trademark, and appears to be the intellectual property of “Dustr Melania” and in 2011 the way of producing the cheese “Alashkert” was acknowledged to be an innovation and has been granted the license of useful model.

Among national saltwater cheese variety, “Alashkert” cheese type differs by unique taste and smell typical of fresh cheese, by its elastic cheese mass and little salt content.

It has gained high appreciation of cosumers for a short while, it occupies its basic place in market, being one of the best types of national cheese.